Air Million United Kingdom & Ireland VFR – version 2021

Cross the Channel with the AIRMILLION UK and Ireland 2021 chart

Quickly discover this map which covers the United Kingdom, Ireland, Orkney and Shetland Islands as well as the Dutch, Belgian and French coast on a double-sided sheet at 1: 1,000,000. The map contains all the AIP information necessary for flight: airspace from SFC to FL120, controlled zones and restricted zones, aerodromes, radio means, etc.

All with a completely revised graphic charter, for ever more clarity and simplicity.


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This Air Million chart covers the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Orkney and Shetland Islands and the Dutch coastline as well as the Belgian and French on a duplex sheet at a scale 1:1.000.000. It covers all airspace from the SFC up to FL120, including all areas of class A to E as well as nearly 600 airfields, AIP courses, private or ULM, all the prohibited areas, restricted and dangerous areas ATZ and MATZ and the airways, VFR reporting points and radio navigation aids (VOR, NDB and VOR-DME) etc.

Major improvements over previous editions:

  • overhaul of the graphic overlay of aviation
  • overhaul of the charter of the geographical background to improve readability of map
  • reintegration of class spaces E
  • reintegration 1 hundreds Frequency areas and AD
  • new design for AD cartridges (with name, ICAO code, altitude, frequency of use, approach and ATIS)


Product dimensions: 12cm x 25cm (folded size), 130cm x 50cm (open format).

Printed on thick paper.

Weight: 160g

Air Million charts

These 13 Air Million charts are designed and built by a team of cartographers in close collaboration with airspace professionals, allowing pilots to travel easily across the whole of Europe.

Printed on high resistant, coated quality paper, these duplex maps with a scale 1:1.000.000 (1:500.000 or 1:250.000, depending on the chart used) show the essence of the AIP in order to provide pilots with the most complete map:

  • Terrain and Obstacles
  • Class airspace: from Class A to Class E up to FL180
  • FIS frequencies
  • VOLMET frequencies, VORs, Tower frequencies, ATIS frequencies
  • Navigation aids
  • VRP and VFR routes
  • Licensed, unlicensed and military airfields (including ULM aerodromes and private landing sites)
  • Fuel availability
  • Traffic pattern in hundreds of feet
  • Danger and Restricted Areas
  • Double-sided for easy cockpit use with a clear graphical design

The following charts are available:

  • The Alps (1:500.000)
  • Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) Zoom (1:250.000)
  • Caribbean & French West Indies (1:250.000)
  • Central Europe – Germany (Austria/Czech Rep/Denmark/Netherlands/Poland/Slovakia)
  • Eastern Europe (Bosnia & Herzegovina/Bulgaria/Czech Rep./Poland/Serbia/Slovakia/Romania/Ukraine)
  • France (including parts of Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland)
  • France – Weekend and Bank Holiday
  • Greece & Northern of Balkans (1:500.000)
  • Greece & Southern of Balkans (1:500.000) + Cyprus
  • Iberia (Spain/Portugal)
  • Italy (Austria/Bosnia & Herzegovina/Corsica/Croatia/Malte/Slovenia/Serbia/Switzerland)
  • Southern England & Wales (Zoom 1:500.000)
  • United Kingdom and Ireland (including BeNeLux)

Not all charts are available all the time – contact us if your desired chart mentions ‘Sold out’


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