Moments in Aviation History

Together with author and historian Jim Cunningham, the artists behind the aviation comic „Chicken Wings” take a look behind the scenes of aviation history and take wild and hilarious guesses at how things might have really happened.

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Michael and Stefan Strasser, the artists behind the aviation comic „Chicken Wings” and Jim Cunningham, author, aviation historian and professor emeritus of Illinois State University wrote a different kind of history book. Together, they take a look a various big and small Moments in Aviation History.

In their classical „Chicken Wings” style cartoons, the Strasser brothers try to answer a whole range of questions, such as: Was the first loop actually intentional or a maybe a malfunction? When was the aircraft lavatory invented? What was the real reason why the H-4 Hercules only flew for one mile? And why do you get handed wet hot towels on airline flights?

Jim Cunningham then puts these cartoons in their real historical context in pointed and funny texts which also include a few more interesting historical details that he stumbled across doing his research. Because the book is structured in short chapters of two pages each, you can read it one go as well as in short installments.

96 pages of full bright colors
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