TUI Boeing 737 MAX 8 scale model 1:200 snapfit

Snapfit scale model 1:200 of the TUI fly B737-8

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Introducing the B737 MAX 8…

New engine – A wider propeller, fewer rotor blades for better air flow, designed with ultralight and ultra strong 3-D woven RTM carbon fiber. Less need for maintenance, higher durability and high shock resistance are the results of the newly designed engine. The new placement on the wing reduces air resistance and streamlines the air flow around the wing. The high-tech compressor optimizes the thermal efficiency.

Split winglets – The new winglets with advanced technology increase efficiency. The split winglets of the 737 MAX provide a greater upward force thanks to a perfect balance. There is no metal leading edge.

Emission – The emissions of nitrogen oxides from the 737 MAX are about 50% lower than the limits imposed by the ICAO. The carbon footprint is greatly reduced, as is the noise nuisance, which has dropped by 40% compared to the aircraft of the previous generation.

Innovation – Better customer experience through increased comfort and the latest technology.

Cockpit – The largest Forward Display Screens ever in a passenger plane make the pilot’s task easier at critical moments. Customizable layouts and improved Vertical Situation Displays for more security in the air. The multifunctional displays are provided for the integration of technology that is currently being developed and that will provide more safety and efficiency in the coming years.

Modern and Stylish – The 737 MAX has modern, specially shaped sidewalls, seats of the latest design and mood lighting, which benefits the overall appearance of the interior. The 737 MAX offers passengers more room for more comfort compared to the 737 Next Generation.

Safety – Multifunctional displays and data reporting and real-time analyzes make it possible to detect problems before they occur. The technology allows the crew and technicians to reduce interruptions of the flight schedule and technical delays to a minimum. Thanks to the high punctuality, the 737 MAX makes it possible to improve the service and thus contributes to a fantastic customer experience.



TUI has placed a total of 70 orders for new aircraft for the Group, to stimulate the growth of its activities in the aviation sector and to offer its customers the best comfort. In addition, the TUI Group has options on additional 737 MAX aircraft.


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